Are Computers Catching Up With Our Brains?

You just have to love progress don’t you? Well, not always perhaps, but today I am loving this!

This is a scanable (does that word even exist??) QR code for my blog site. I find this kind of technology fascinating. This series of blanks and black spots can be ‘read’ by an app on my┬áiPhone and then take me straight to the web page! So clever!

What’s perhaps even more amazing is that this is not even a fraction of the capability of the human brain. Your eyes can scan a room full of people and pick up all sorts of information about them and your environment. It will then run that instantaneously through your internal filters and decide how you feel and how you are going to react and behave and you’re not even aware it’s happening!

The only problem is that many of your filters were set up such a long time ago that they might no longer be relevant or helpful to you and they might not interpret the information in the best way for you. A bit like scanning this code and it sending you to my Facebook page by mistake!

I’m currently writing my third Self Help Bible book about communication, which looks at the internal processes involved in communication and so finding this code today has given me the inspiration for the next chapter. I don’t believe that these things happen by chance so I’m grateful for this nudge today.

When’s the last time you checked on your internal filters? What if they are making you miss out on some great opportunities? Hmmm, food for thought!

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