Coincidence or the Law of Attraction?

I have been noticing the circles in life for sometime now, you might call them co-incidences or patterns, I call them circles 🙂 They never fail to delight me no matter how many I spot and this week has been no exception.

At the end of last week, my beloved GHD hair straighteners failed. AGAIN. Julian has managed to repair them several times, but it seemed this time they’d had their ninth life. I was reluctant to spend £100 on a new pair, so as I love the law of attraction, I thought I’d use that instead!

Julian determined that they needed soldering – like last time – but he doesn’t have a soldering iron, hmmm.

To begin with, yesterday morning, I get an offer from Groupon with a vastly reduced pair of ceramic straighteners.

Law of Attraction scores 1. Now, I don’t want to appear ungrateful, they were much cheaper than new GHDs, but they weren’t GHDs – girls I know you’ll understand what I’m talking about! So, I thought I’d see how much a soldering iron would cost. That way I could give Julian a present and he could mend my straighteners, that’s 2 to me  I think!

I found a soldering iron for less than the Groupon offer, but, in my usual fashion ummed and aah’d about spending the money. Then, I decided that I’m worth it and went to get them.

Now that’s quite a good story in itself isn’t it? Well, the icing on the cake for me was that the lottery ticket I had in my purse was a winner too! Not the jackpot yet but enough to pay for the soldering kit!

Now you can say that this is just a series of ‘co-incidents’, but for me, it was a lovely example of how circular life is and how our thoughts attract solutions, opportunities and wonderful gifts; and that in itself is a gift.

Add to that that my straighteners are now fully mended and Julian was pleased with a new gadget and everyone’s a winner 😉

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