The Power of Focus

Did you know that what you are focusing on will determine what you attract into your life, the direction you move in, how motivated you are and influence your overall mindset or frame of mind significantly?

Everything you want and like has an opposite equivalent and often we are much clearer about what we don’t want than what we do want. Ask yourself or anyone what is important about their job, house, relationships etc and you will often get a long list of the things that mustn’t be included or that they don’t want before they give you any of the things they do want to be present. This means that the centre of the focus is a repulsion rather than a compulsion and as the name suggests, is much less motivating or inspiring.

Changing how you focus can make a huge difference to your outlook, lead to much more positive thinking and a sunnier disposition, without any great effort.

This short video explains how easy it is to switch your thinking today.

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