Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring is well and truly upon us, always a welcome herald of the Summer we hope will follow and a time of new beginnings. Quite a few of my Facebook friends have posted this week that they’ve started, and in some cases finished, their Spring cleaning and that got me thinking.

Many of us, when the temperatures become more appealing, empty out cupboards and clean behind things that haven’t been out since last Spring. We spend hours polishing and wiping out, hoovering and re-ordering to ready ourselves for I’m not sure what. For many it’s just something we do because our mums did it!


So, my question today is, when is it the right time to Spring clean your mind? What one thing could you choose to leave behind, a worry, a resentment, disappointment or guilt that would free you up and make room for a bit more happiness or peace of mind?

We all carry far more mental baggage than we need to.

We worry about things that may or may not happen in the future – but worrying alone about something never changed anything did it!

We feel guilt about things from our past – what’s done is done and feeling all the guilt in the world won’t change it.

We suffer disappointment at either our own or someone else’s action or inaction – again, no amount of stewing on it will change it.

So instead of cleaning out under the stairs, or the shed, or wiping the tops of the kitchen cupboards, why not Spring clean your mind this year?
We harbour resentment like a scalding iron to burn our hearts with and let it lead us down the paths of anger, sadness and all the other painful paths I could mention – it won’t change what happened.

Think of all the things that you carry about that pain you. How many could you let go of if you choose to today?

Forgive those who’ve hurt you, not because they deserve it but because you do. Forgiveness is just a way of clearing out that painful memory and freeing yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to give them the space to do it again or that you are saying what they did was OK. Just take that stone out of your pocket and leave it behind. Think about how you can make sure history doesn’t repeat itself and protect yourself for the future.

Forgive yourself for when you’ve messed up. Again, think about what you can do differently next time and then it won’t have been in vain. If you think you’ve hurt someone else, take your courage in both hands and say you’re sorry. That doesn’t mean ‘giving in,’ ‘letting them win,’or ‘saying they were right and I was wrong.’ It just means that you have taken responsibility for your part in the situation and are big enough to acknowledge it. Then you get to let it go! How cool is that. If they are not ready to let it go, that’s in their head not yours.

Change the way you look at things and go into situations and you’ll literally transform your life. You’ll always get the kind of things you expect. Not exactly perhaps, but if you expect things to be a struggle and people difficult, that’s pretty much what you’ll get. It’s unavoidable because of the way your brain works to create your experience and perception.

If you took just one or two things out of your mind and made an effort to be even the tiniest bit more positive or optimistic for just a few weeks, I guarantee you’d notice a difference.

There are lots of exercises in my books to help with this and volume 3 deals with how your unconscious creates your world. Why not download the free extracts available on my website and give it a go. Or, just give yourself permission to make a change today. You have nothing good to lose and when compared with clearing out the shed, a bit of thinking gets my vote every time!

Enjoy the sunshine too!

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