Volume 2…

Good morning,

I hope you are having a productive one, I feel that I am today!

After much deliberation and lots of changes this week, I think I have decided on the title for the second volume of my new series of self improvement books, The Self Help Bible, and I am very excited.

Before I commit myself to print though I thought I’d ask you what you think, so if you have time in your busy Friday, I’d love to hear your views on what the title says to you. Does it sound interesting? What do you see in your mind’s eye when you read the title and how does it make you feel? Please leave your comments in the comment box below the post and if you can’t see the box, click the ‘comments’ bubble on the bar just above this post. You can comment directly through Facebook now too!

Ok so the title I have in mind is…..

How to Change the Life You Have For the Life You Want – Quickly and Easily

The book contains a number of simple exercises to help you regain control of your emotions and your life, to change the way you feel about incidents in the past that are still haunting you or holding you back and to change your perspective for a much more positive and empowering outlook on life. If followed they will give you a really great mindset for bringing about the kind of life you want and achieving success in any area you choose, so I thought the title kind of summed that up for me. What do you think.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments, I appreciate your help 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend,


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